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Why you need to hire local limo service company in Frisco, Texas.

Answer. Frisco Limousine is reliable airport limo service to all Frisco Area & Dallas airports (for any size party), call us 24/7 will be their at your service. With Frisco Executive Car Service, reserving your limo is as easy as 1–2–3. GUARANTEED!

Our friendly Customer Service Representatives will record all information about the Frisco Limo Service you require. Our computerized system will assign you a confirmed reservation number. Please refer to this number if you need to change the original reservation.

All reservations are reconfirmed 24 hours prior to the pick–up date. All return reservations are updated by our flight tracking system, so even if your flight is delayed we will be there to meet you.
For Pick-Ups...our courteous professional chauffeurs will meet and greet you and then deliver you safely to your destination. For airport arrivals, your chauffeur will meet you in the baggage claim area with an “Frisco Limousine” Blue sign bearing YOUR name. Your chauffeur will assist you with your luggage and escort you to your Car Service Sedan or SUV, limousine. Sit back, relax and enjoy your stress–free ride or keep to your busy schedule by requesting one of our limousines with internet access.

Servicing all Dallas airpots including McKinney National Airport  . Addison Airport . Dallas Executive Airport . We are located Frisco, Texas, we are perfectly positioned for expeditious and convenient airport service pick ups and drop offs.
With real time flight tracking, GPS, two way radios and iPads in all of our vehicles we are able to arrange airport limo transfers from All Dallas Airports.  We are also able to accommodate flight delays and last minute changes with out any type of problem.  We do so many transfers daily that we always have a prepared chauffeur on location at any of these major airports.  This allows us to guarantee our ability to facilitate any and all airport transfers in a timely and efficient fashion.
We offer curbside pick up and, of course, pick up in baggage with an iPad sign.  We also offer full porter and greeting services as well as a personal concierge upon request.

Frisco Limousine specializes in corporate transportation, executive car service and airport service transfers.  We are on time every time and anywhere.
Call at 972-562-3333

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Handy 8-Point Prom Transporation Checklist

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. There are probably a TON of reasons why you’re looking forward to your prom, like getting decked out in a red carpet-worthy outfit, dancing the night away with all of your friends and rolling up in a stretch limousine or huge party bus.

Renting a limo or party bus is so much safer — and way more fun — than driving yourself… or worse, having your parents drive you. Since prom is all about having a blast with your friends, why not get the party started early by traveling together?

Call at 972-562-3333

Compared to the other items on your pre-prom checklist, securing prom transportation is a little confusing. Shopping for an outfit is easy, but you’ve probably never had to shop for a limo or party bus before. What should you be looking for? How can you be sure you’re not getting ripped off?

To help walk you through the process, we’ve created a handy 8-Point Prom Transporation Checklist. Keep reading for our expert tips.

1. DESIGNATE A POINT PERSON. Whether it’s you, one of your friends or a parent, one person needs to be in charge of the arrangements. Make sure you can count on this person to follow through with transportation companies and not wait until the week before prom to book a reservation.

2. DON’T GO WITH THE FIRST COMPANY YOU CALL. Call around and get quotes from several different transportation providers. Prices vary. Plus, a lot of companies try to lure students in with dirt-cheap pricing and end up being a total rip off. Remember: you get what you pay for. If a quote is super cheap, your experience will probably reflect that.

3. DO YOUR RESEARCH. You’ve found a company that promises you a great price. But before you book, it’s time to do a little digging. Check out their online reviews. If their Google and Yelp reviews aren’t very positive, you may have just dodged a bullet.

4. GET YOUR GUEST LIST TOGETHER. There more people you ride with, the lower the cost per person. Executive Limousine’s limos and party buses can fit anywhere from 8 to 24 people.

5. MAKE YOUR RESERVATION SOON. The closer you get to prom, the higher the demand. Since you probably don’t want your parents driving you to prom, it’s better to book sooner, not later. You’ll get a fair price and the vehicle you want.

6. GET ORGANIZED. Call the company you book with a few days before prom to confirm payment and ask for the confirmation number, emergency contact info, and your driver’s name.

7. CREATE A PLAN. Is the driver picking everyone up individually or are you meeting at someone’s house? Are you taking group pictures? Pick-ups, pictures, and travel time add up quickly, and you definitely don’t want to be rushing around. Make sure your group is on the same page as far as post-prom plans and after parties.

8. TALK TIPPING. Some companies include the tip in the transportation package. Others typically request 20-30%. If necessary, figure out the tip and take it into account before prom. It’s bad planning and bad manners not to have the tip already accounted for on prom night, especially if you’re trying to calculate it right in front of your chauffeur.

Plus, showing your appreciation for your chauffeur usually means they’ll be more willing to help make your evening even more memorable. had been serving the Metro Texas area. With more than 20 years of handling prom night transportation, we’re able to provide students with an unforgettable prom experience — and parents with peace of mind.

Feel free to request a free quote or call us at 972-562-3333 to speak with one of our Prom Transportation Experts. Customers who book with Frisco Limousine can expect guaranteed safe, reliable transportation on prom night, as well as exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and professionalism every step of the way.

We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of Long Island’s most trusted, reliable and professional transportation providers. We offer competitive, realistic pricing. For more information, request a free quote — no strings attached — or give us a call at 972-562-3333 to learn more about our 2018 prom packages.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Great Reasons for a Frisco Limousine Corporate Ride this 2018

Business is competitive by nature. When you’re trying to land a new client, or maintain an existing customer relationship, anything you can do to make your company the most attractive option is important. Staying competitive often comes down to the details.

Whether it’s hosting a lunch at a restaurant with the right atmosphere, sending thoughtful gifts on holidays or special occasions, or making sure your client always gets an unparalleled experience every time you meet.

When you want to add that extra touch to your corporate image, Frisco Limousine offers the superior service, professionalism and discretion both you and your clients deserve when it comes to transportation.


CALL OR TEXT Frisco Limousine at 972- 562-3333 or visit


corporate limo

Here are just some of the benefits our corporate clients enjoy.

Business on the Go Mobile service in the city can be slow and spotty. Sometimes, even making a simple phone call is a real challenge, not to mention staying in touch with the office while you’re traveling around. As part of our exceptional level of service, all Frisco vehicles come equipped with Wi-Fi upon request. This means you never have to worry about missing an important email, not catching up on an important task or feeling disconnected from work or your clients.

What’s more, Frisco vehicles also offer GPS navigation to make finding your destination easy. And in business, arriving on time means everything. A Lasting Impression Imagine setting up an important meeting with a client, only to have them show up stressed out and distracted after riding in a taxi, on the subway or threading their way through busy sidewalks.

Rather than having prospective or established clients take on the city alone, have Frisco Limousine to provide their transportation to and from the meeting. Our chauffeurs are skilled at providing the ultimate transportation experience, and will help set the tone for a productive meeting from the moment they arrive.

For Business Travelers, Frisco Limousine offers premium transportation to and from the area airport. Whether your team is heading out of the city for a trade show, or you’re bringing in clients for a critical sales meeting, we’ll make sure the trip is nothing less than exceptional. Plus, not only will your driver take care of your bags and other travel essentials, our Frisco Limousine On-Time Guarantee ensures you have enough time for a relaxed departure or casual ride into the city. 

CALL OR TEXT Frisco Limousine at 972- 562-3333 or visit

Thursday, December 21, 2017

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Congratulations on finding “the one” and planning your proposal! There’s nothing better than finding your soulmate, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Nothing compares to making the decision to spend forever with your best friend and getting the opportunity to make a lifetime of memories together.
New Year’s Eve is an extremely popular day for couples to get engaged. In fact, did you know that it’s the 5th most popular day of the year for proposals? With so many couples getting engaged within the next few weeks, it’s important to make sure your proposal stands out. Keep reading for some tips for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Proposal!
1. Choose the perfect ring
Of course, no proposal is complete without an engagement ring! If you haven’t already bought one yet, consider shopping for one as soon as possible if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve proposal. Choosing your future bride/groom’s engagement ring should be a fun experience! Take some friends or family members along for some input on the type of ring he/she has been lusting after. The engagement ring you pick out should be from the heart, so try choosing a ring that catches your eye and reminds you of your soulmate.
2. Choose a sentimental location
To truly express your love and show how much your partner means to you, choose a location that has sentimental value for your proposal. Where was your first date? Is there a favorite restaurant you two share? Where was your first kiss? If there isn’t one place that stands out, there are a number of romantic places in Frisco, Texas to pop the question from parks to restaurants. Take a look at Visit Frisco Limousine wedding.html  to get some ideas!
3. Reserve transportation
There are a plethora of New Year’s Eve events happening all over Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Mckinney, Anna, Dallas, Texas from countdown bashes to performances which means one thing- heavy traffic. You’re already going to be stressing enough as it as, rehearsing your speech and playing the night over and over again in your head, so why add to your stress by driving in bumper to bumper traffic? Heavy traffic can also throw off your timing; if you’re planning on proposing when the clock strikes midnight and are stuck in traffic it’ll throw your entire night off! 

When you book Special Event Transportation package-deal.html through Frisco Car Service,  you can rest assured knowing we’ll handle your transportation needs so you can focus on making your proposal a night you’ll both never forget. A proposal is a day when everything should go just right and our chauffeurs will make yours extraordinarily special. Your future fiancé/fiancéé will be impressed when a first-class luxury vehicle arrives to take you to your destination. We have a premium fleet fleet.html 

Well-appointed luxury vehicles including the Mercedes Benz S-Class
Call for Price or Click Online Reservation ,to complement your proposal. We can also provide snacks, refreshments, flowers, and balloons to further enhance your experience! Reserve your ride today by calling 972-562-3333 or Book Now   Click here.
4. Relax and enjoy
Your proposal is going to be one of the most memorable moments in your life, so relax and enjoy it! This moment only happens once in a lifetime, so relish it and make the most out of it. Your future fiancé/fiancée will love every moment of it, so make sure to enjoy the entire process!
If you have any questions about how Frisco Limousine can make your proposal even more unforgettable, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. All of us at Frisco Car Service wish you a wonderful proposal and a lifetime of happiness with your future wife/husband!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Frisco Limousine is the solution to entertain your group for the Mavericks game.

Frisco Limousine is the solution to entertain your group for the Mavericks game Call 972-562-3333 or Book Know
How about traveling to the stadium in comfort, in style and in plenty of good time with friends. its time to relax and have good time and enjoy the ride.   

Monday, April 10, 2017

Best Wedding limousine service in Frisco, Texas ""

Your wedding day should be special to you and everyone involved. 

 Call us to book your wedding limo at 972-562-3333. We pride ourselves on doing everything possible to ensure your wedding is perfect, assisting in the smallest details. 

Our chauffeurs have made weddings memorable to thousands of bridal couples.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dealing with the Fraudulent Customer. 

Protect your business from fraud.

Know your customers

The issue
Your customers are the life blood of your business. Most of your customers will come to you in good faith to make a genuine purchase of products or services, but there are others that will attempt to  leave your business out of pocket. 
Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure this does not happen – failure to do so might mean that  sales are not guaranteed, do not turn into revenue and also leave you liable for costs related to any fraudulent business dealings. 
There are simple things you can do to help prevent fraud, guarantee sales and protect your bottom line. Just as you need to know your customer to successfully market your products and services to them, it is equally important to know who you’re dealing with to protect your business.
The threats
Fraudsters posing as customers can use a number of methods to deceive you –  the use of forged currency or someone else’s payment card details to pay for goods, or attempt to build a trusting relationship with you before placing an order or requesting a line of credit that they have no intention of honouring. 
Whichever way it may happen, falling victim to customer fraud could leave you directly out of pocket. This could be  through loss of both the goods/services and their payment – or you can also suffer losses indirectly through having to pay administrative costs associated with the terms and conditions of your banking arrangements. 
Here are some examples of what specific instances of customer fraud can look like:
Self protect
The key to protecting yourself is to take time to assess the customer’s profile and the transaction they are requesting. Using your common business sense here is essential – you will often know when something isn’t quite right and, even though it may sound clichéd, there is a lot of sense in remembering that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here are some of the things you can do.
Receiving Payments
The most common customer fraud is abusing methods of payment for goods and services. Make sure your sales are guaranteed and learn how to protect your business if you take any of the following:
Watch out for suspicious orders
Your intuition can often be the best judge of whether a customer interaction seems right, but some of the following tips could help you to pin-point suspicious behaviour: 
  • Irregular purchasing patterns – including larger than usual orders, multiple purchases of the same item, a series of rapid orders/transactions from a new customer, or a change in behaviour from a regular customer.
  • Requests to dodge your processes – whether for payment, invoicing, delivery and so on.
  • Lack of interest in the product and asking few questions on its details, particularly if it’s high value.
  • Delivery irregularities – for example, if the buyer is unconcerned by delivery costs or wants the goods shipped to an address overseas, or one that is different from the card address. Whilst there could be a perfectly legitimate explanation for the above, they could also be an indicator of fraud. If in doubt, then follow-up by asking for more information.
  • Receiving a cheque for more money than the product or service is being sold. The fraudster will usually ask for you to return the difference before the funds have been cleared and ultimately the cheque will bounce.
  • Whilst there could be a perfectly legitimate explanation for the above, they could also be an indicator of fraud. If in doubt, follow up by asking for more information. 
Is your customer really who they say they are?
  • If you are in any doubt about a transaction, make sure to gather as much information as possible to establish your customer is legitimate.
  • Ask common sense questions around the nature and purpose of the order or request a form of identification or proof of address to check they match the details you’ve been given.
  • If you trade online, then ask your bank about verification tools such as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode to add an extra layer of customer authentication to your transactions. If they are a trade customer and you are suspicious, then check their credit history, research their reputation and publicly filed records on the internet, or ask for independent references.
  • Remember, if you are in any doubt about their validity - then do not proceed.
Support and Prevention

Dealing with the Fraudulent Customer. 

Example Of Fraud Customer .

(Abigail Golightly  - Frisco, Texas)

Protect your business from fraud.

Can google protect your business?  If customer lie!

Customer threat to post negative to “Google” feed back. By lying.

1- Customer submit the reservation 4 days ago on-line with evidence on 03/30/2017
2- Customer indicate she submit her reservation 2 weeks a go! 

Customer reply.

Frisco Limousine is a booking company. Call them for yourselves and as to look at the limo you are thinking about renting. You can't. We had a Hummer limo booked for prom two weeks in advance and they called to cancel the reservation 4 days before. Bad service.

Evidence with Customer lying. Look at reservation date! resvration submit 6 days ago with NSF Funds.

Contacting Customer to resolve payment issue. She has no Money in her account. She is brook. 
We advise her not submit fraud reservation with (NSF) funds for 2nd second time.
We did not threat her. We told her not to lie and cheating the company! We told to expose her lie to the public and let them now to watch out from this custumer fraud behavior.

Customer reply.
I just received a call from an employee at Frisco Limosine 2 hours after leaving this review. He yelled at me for leaving a bad review and I promptly hung up. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

We are a legit business we give your limousine hummer to Frisco High School on that day as a donation for good faith free of charge. For student in need, they do need our limousine  service much better than you with this type of attitude.

Please be advise. We are proudly submit the free prom limo service as “Business Write Off” We are not desperate for your money & trying to defraud us.