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Handy 8-Point Prom Transporation Checklist

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. There are probably a TON of reasons why you’re looking forward to your prom, like getting decked out in a red carpet-worthy outfit, dancing the night away with all of your friends and rolling up in a stretch limousine or huge party bus.

Renting a limo or party bus is so much safer — and way more fun — than driving yourself… or worse, having your parents drive you. Since prom is all about having a blast with your friends, why not get the party started early by traveling together?

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Compared to the other items on your pre-prom checklist, securing prom transportation is a little confusing. Shopping for an outfit is easy, but you’ve probably never had to shop for a limo or party bus before. What should you be looking for? How can you be sure you’re not getting ripped off?

To help walk you through the process, we’ve created a handy 8-Point Prom Transporation Checklist. Keep reading for our expert tips.

1. DESIGNATE A POINT PERSON. Whether it’s you, one of your friends or a parent, one person needs to be in charge of the arrangements. Make sure you can count on this person to follow through with transportation companies and not wait until the week before prom to book a reservation.

2. DON’T GO WITH THE FIRST COMPANY YOU CALL. Call around and get quotes from several different transportation providers. Prices vary. Plus, a lot of companies try to lure students in with dirt-cheap pricing and end up being a total rip off. Remember: you get what you pay for. If a quote is super cheap, your experience will probably reflect that.

3. DO YOUR RESEARCH. You’ve found a company that promises you a great price. But before you book, it’s time to do a little digging. Check out their online reviews. If their Google and Yelp reviews aren’t very positive, you may have just dodged a bullet.

4. GET YOUR GUEST LIST TOGETHER. There more people you ride with, the lower the cost per person. Executive Limousine’s limos and party buses can fit anywhere from 8 to 24 people.

5. MAKE YOUR RESERVATION SOON. The closer you get to prom, the higher the demand. Since you probably don’t want your parents driving you to prom, it’s better to book sooner, not later. You’ll get a fair price and the vehicle you want.

6. GET ORGANIZED. Call the company you book with a few days before prom to confirm payment and ask for the confirmation number, emergency contact info, and your driver’s name.

7. CREATE A PLAN. Is the driver picking everyone up individually or are you meeting at someone’s house? Are you taking group pictures? Pick-ups, pictures, and travel time add up quickly, and you definitely don’t want to be rushing around. Make sure your group is on the same page as far as post-prom plans and after parties.

8. TALK TIPPING. Some companies include the tip in the transportation package. Others typically request 20-30%. If necessary, figure out the tip and take it into account before prom. It’s bad planning and bad manners not to have the tip already accounted for on prom night, especially if you’re trying to calculate it right in front of your chauffeur.

Plus, showing your appreciation for your chauffeur usually means they’ll be more willing to help make your evening even more memorable. had been serving the Metro Texas area. With more than 20 years of handling prom night transportation, we’re able to provide students with an unforgettable prom experience — and parents with peace of mind.

Feel free to request a free quote or call us at 972-562-3333 to speak with one of our Prom Transportation Experts. Customers who book with Frisco Limousine can expect guaranteed safe, reliable transportation on prom night, as well as exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and professionalism every step of the way.

We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of Long Island’s most trusted, reliable and professional transportation providers. We offer competitive, realistic pricing. For more information, request a free quote — no strings attached — or give us a call at 972-562-3333 to learn more about our 2018 prom packages.

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